Born and raised in the Nordic forests of Sweden on small crop of land called Sollerön -- known as the Island of the Sun -- Winona Oak is every bit as enchanting as her origin story. Growing up encountering more animals than people, she became a trained horse acrobat in her teenage years, and pursued creative expression however she could, writing poetry and songs from a young age. Her grandmother performed in the Swedish Royal Opera, and passed that legacy onto Winona Oak, who began playing violin at 5 years old and piano at 9 years, in addition to singing throughout her youth.

Just a mere 20 years or so later, Winona Oak is about to start her own artistic career. In 2018 she collaborated with What So Not on three songs off of his album and featured on "Beautiful." New music out in 2019 on Neon Gold / Atlantic Records.

Responsible Agents Owen Mallon
Marty Diamond

Territories North & South America

  Andy Clayton

Territories Europe