What are broken bones and what causes them? Merriam-Webster would say the cause is a fracture, which by their definition is “the act or process of breaking or the state of being broken.” Broken bones create needs: a need for healing, a need for rest, and most importantly a need for realignment. Often broken bones or fractures in our lives are not of a physical nature. More often than not they cut deeper into the personal and professional aspects of daily life and leave us needing to find time to heal, time to rest, and time to realign.

Nicholas Perloff-Giles, better known by his stage name Wingtip, knows a lot about these kind of broken bones.

After signing to Republic Records in late 2016, he spent the entirety of 2017 on the road touring behind the success of his breakout single “Rewind” which quickly amassed over 36 million streams and counting on Spotify. Throughout 2017 he released multiple follow up singles to “Rewind” including “Walls” featuring Delacey, “Space for Us” featuring UK singer Youngr, and “Cross Your Mind” featuring Morgxn, which Perloff-Giles co-wrote with multiplatinum artist Lauv.

On the outside looking in, it seemed like all was right in Perloff-Giles’ world. Behind closed doors, however, he was at a creative crossroads between the feature driven dance pop he was building his career off of, and the music he knew he wanted to make. In 2018 he made the decision to take a creative turn. He continued writing his own songs as he always had, but instead of finding someone else to sing his story, he picked up the microphone for the first time and started singing it himself.

This creative turn would lead to the songs that would shape his 2018 EP Ghosts of Youth, which saw Perloff-Giles step into the spotlight of his own songs for the first time. The EP, lead by singles “Pavement” and “Fake It” marked personal and creative growth in Perloff-Giles’ career that prompted a new connectedness with his audience and himself that he hadn’t felt before.

While the songs on Ghosts of Youth highlighted a creative departure from his previous catalogue, they also lead to a departure from Republic Records at the end of 2018. While the decision was one Perloff-Giles felt was best for his career, the fallout from it left him feeling disillusioned, lost, and dejected, and lead to him cancelling his first headline tour at the end of 2018.

‘While I had negative thoughts and anxious tendencies in the past, they sort of all coalesced in the last part of 2018. I was feeling a mixture of hurt and fear and it literally prevented me from getting out of bed for a while. I was so scared to fail going forward that not trying at all felt better.”

After taking some time to work on himself and regroup, Perloff-Giles eventually got back to doing what he loved: writing songs and making music. One day, while working with his friends Katie Pearlman and Cole Citrenbaum (of Opia), he channeled all of what he was going through into his new single “Broken Bones” which marks his first release as a newly independent artist and what he says is his most honest song to date.

“'Broken Bones' started as just a couple lines that were essentially streams of consciousness from thoughts I had that week: I was feeling stalled out while the world kept moving, which can be really scary. Katie and Cole came over later that week and we got to talking about that feeling you get in the early parts of adulthood where things feel like they’re dissolving; relationships, goals and dreams, hometowns all start to recede in the rearview and there’s nothing solid in front of you. It’s the first time in your life where there’s not an obvious next turn. Writing ‘Broken Bones’ was part of my gradual embrace of that uncertainty and instability.’

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019 and beyond Perloff-Giles aims to continue pushing himself forward as a musician and performer. He released his latest single “Happiness” to glowing reviews in July.

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