Weird Milk are an exciting new London based band. Their musical odyssey began in the English countryside before graduating to the city to study and play music. The group are Charlie Vaughan, Zach Campbell, Alex Griffiths and Joe 'Blue' Moyle.

Distinguished by their vocal harmonies and 60s influences they are one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the indie scene.

The band invest time and energy crafting their tunes with multiple layers of harmony and melody. The result is a sound which is vibrant and instantly accessible. Their music yields complex and subtle shades demanding a further listen. Echoes of the Beach Boys, Nilsson and the Beatles mix with more contemporary influences such as The Strokes and Frank Ocean create unique songs of emotive depth.

The result is an enticing live show where songs flow seamlessly. Emotions are lifted and the listener transported.

The band name captures their music perfectly -- something easy and familiar but with a twist of warm indulgence. Keep an eye out for these accomplished musicians and enjoy an intriguing evening of live songs of complex intrigue.

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