The Polar Boys are about redefining what it means to be a band.

Formed by four lifelong Miami friends, The Polar Boys are what can best be described as an indie pop band. Inspired by artists such as The Strokes, The Beatles, and even Tyler The Creator, they have created a unique sonic signature that resonates with listeners all over the world, not being afraid to push the boundaries of what bands can do. They fuse genres, have their own clothing brand, and stage dive into moshing crowds at their shows. Although their influences draw from all time periods, they embrace and love the future of music.

The members, Andy Zambrana (rhythm guitar and vocals), Jake Karner (drums), Alex Ramon (bass and vocals) and Andres Baquerizo (lead guitar), have a deep love for the craft, which is apparent through their energetic live performances where they get crowds hyped up.

Named one of the most influential bands of Miami, The Polar Boys are ready to take their music to new places, stage-diving along the way.

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