The Musical Box


Renowned for their high quality reproductions of historic Genesis performances since 1993, The Musical Box takes fans along for a time-travel ride, offering people a chance to relive the magic of this unique experience.

These replicas has required exhaustive visual, scenic, audio and musical research even tracking down the original music instruments used at the time.  The visual aspect of The Musical Box shows are based on thousands of photos and many amateur films taken at the Genesis concerts, as well as the original slides used by the group during their shows.

Impressively, The Musical Box is the only group licensed and supported by Genesis and Peter Gabriel and has presented close to 1000 concerts across the world to more than one million spectators, in prestigious amphitheaters such as The Royal Albert Hall in London, the Olympia in Paris and the Bell Center in Montreal.

Peter Gabriel, who saw the concert was ”really impressed by the production quality and the attention to detail”;  Steve Hackett and Phil Collins have even joined The Musical Box on stage.

''The Musical Box play it better than we did'' stated Phil Collins after seeing The Musical Box's production in Geneva.

A Musical Box show is a unique opportunity to discover the mystical Genesis concerts and to relive a historic rock moment


The Musical Box, reconnu internationalement pour la très grande qualité de ses reconstitutions historiques des spectacles de Genesis, est le seul groupe licencié et supporté par Genesis et Peter Gabriel et a présenté à travers le monde tout près de 1000 concerts devant plus d'un million de spectateurs dans les salles les prestigieuses du monde tel que le Royal Albert Hall de Londres et L'Olympia de Paris. 

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