SAYGRACE. captures the grey area state between childhood and adulthood -- she calls it girlhood. It’s that time when you don’t feel like an adult, but everyone expects you to make adult decisions, and the pressure is on to have things figured out. She’s an experienced artist who has been writing songs since she was 16, when she traveled from her native Australia to America by herself to pursue a career in music, signing with RCA Records, and releasing music and making videos. She’s now come into her own on SAYGRACE. and on her own terms. One thing she’s certain of is that feminism and women supporting women are the #1 must-have in the world. “I looked at my relationships with men,” Grace says of her time writing her debut EP. “Not just romantically but professionally, and saw how they could belittle me, disregard me, and minimize my opinion because I'm a girl.” On SAYGRACE., she set out to write about how women are treated in relationships, in business, and by the world, to show them that they don’t have to take what’s thrown at them -- and she’s not going to take it, either.

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