Anglo-Danish trio Off Bloom know they're a part of something special.

A trio consisting of Mads, Alex and Mette, they've been surrounded by inspiration in one of the world's most exciting scenes. And after gaining support from tastemakers including BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac and Beats 1's Zane Lowe, as well as being invited to perform at Scandinavia's prestigious P3 Awards, they haven't lost sight of their foundations.

Copenhagen being their base, they've formed close bonds with the likes of Liss, MØ, Goss, School of X, Vera and Vasco, bands and producers intent on pushing boundaries at every opportunity. A sense of communion ties these acts together, and just recently Off Bloom decided to turn this boundless new wave into something more concrete, by establishing their own label Sport Records. For these three, making instant fix, ultra-inventive pop songs isn't enough.

When they started out, Off Bloom were a lot more isolated. Producers going it alone, Alex and Mads were hugely inspired by experimental stalwarts like Hudson Mohawke, Cashmere Cat and the LuckyMe crew. But replication of these big names wasn't an option. "We don't want to do something that's already been done," they decided. "We can do something that's even more interesting. We can add pop melodies. This beautiful melody on top of these crazy productions. That became our thing," Mads says. Shortly after that, Mette joined the group, perfectly complementing the group's early ambitions. Off Bloom had their trademark -- explosive, unpredictable productions with bright, gleaming melodies leading the way.

Sport Records is their way of giving liftoff to a movement. "In reality, we've always had a label," Mads claims. "For me, Sport is only a formality. It was already happening." And when playing live, they want to tear down the standard artist vs. audience relationship. "Forever, it's been the musicians doing stuff and the listeners being passive. We want to fuck with that concept," states Mads. The same boundary-pushing attitude extends to their release strategy. Instead of "capitalising on hype" or dropping buzz tracks, they plan to put out music widely and freely.

Off Bloom's journey is only just beginning, but the catalyst for their all-thrills first steps is the movement they're currently within. All turning heads at the same time and growing together, Copenhagen's current crop are both close friends and a tight support network. They offer valuable, often cutting criticism on each other's work, in turn helping to stir progression. As a result, they collectively push things forward with future-leaning, bold songwriting.

It's early days, but Off Bloom have acted on their impulses, building a hugely exciting foundation from a cooperative musical movement. After sitting on leagues of dazzling material for years, they're now ready to show their faces with debut EP Love to Hate It. But they're not doing this alone. Moving forward, they're arm in arm with a blindingly bright crop of Danish talent right up there with the world's most exciting scenes. A collective spirit defines their every step. "We're all in this together, so let's do something," Alex declares.

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