The rising R&B singer from Scarborough, Toronto’s sprawling easterly area, who feels as comfortable in the studio as he does performing on the stage, is garnering attention with his moody yet danceable cadence of club-friendly music. His song “Bad Company” dropped last autumn. The track, produced by The Uccis, showcases the young R&B singer and producer demonstrating vocal prowess, next to modern, dance floor sensibilities. An infectious self-assuredness permeates the track with a glint towards his city and its bright light.

Myles is now gearing up to drop a new single, followed by more new music throughout the year. The track, titled “Way Off,” is an ode woven around a near-universal young lovers quarrel, with listening payoff presented on a refrain built over a knocking drum beat.

His eye towards weaving stories from his own experience, marred by catchy, danceable melodies and an obvious student of highly-executed pop combine in Myles Castello, making his mark in 2019.

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