Máni Orrason just released his new EP "BABY ANGEL" via Humming Records. The 6-song-EP is about falling in love and about what happens after that. Moving freely between dreaming and waking, pondering and letting go, it is an impressive documentation of a development both personal as well as artistic. "I have changed," the young Icelander explains, "and looking back on it now, it seems like so many things in my life have been leading up to this exact record."

Some intense months lie behind the 20-year-old, who not only found a new love, but also formed a new kind of work relationship with his music, by trading his singer songwriter guitar for an electric one, in order to capture his daydreams. "Numb" is the next teaser off of his upcoming EP, a very conscious flashback to a previous phase -- a time of straying and emotional neglect. However, the song is written with the determination, the clear view, and the firm voice of Máni today. "I had this desperate need to be seen and to be comforted. I guess i was really lonely at the time," Máni recalls. Stranded in Spain, on his own and with no support system to back him up, he found himself longing to feel something, he slipped halfway into adulthood and ended up spiraling down into a life of addiction and intoxication -- numbed, jaded, and permanently hungover.

How he found his way back out, is one of the most beautiful tales on "BABY ANGEL." "I feel more hopeful, more stable, and I feel love for so much happening around me," the now-Berliner says joyously. On "BABY ANGEL," all that becomes graspable, with all its downsides and drawbacks. The 6-song-EP covers the full scope of big emotions -- from queer infatuation on "Cowboy Cold," fears for the future on "I Swear It's True," and frustrations on "Numb," all the way up to questions about sense and self on "Picture I Recall." What's next you ask? According to Máni, more craziness and even more pop. Or maybe not? One thing is for sure: This artist remains on the move.

"BABY ANGEL" is out now.

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