Many of the greatest bands in history have inspired tribute acts, formed to pay homage to their incredible music. The Grateful Dead, Kiss, The Rolling Stones and countless others have been memorialized by such acts, who travel the globe bringing joy to the millions who celebrate the music they are expertly covering. But there has been a glaring omission: Electronic Dance Music is a genre that has captivated the globe for almost two decades, and is adored by fans of all ages. Yet, for some reason, there has never been an EDM tribute band, and Major Behavior has arrived to right that wrong.

Major Behavior’s set pays homage to Major Lazer, the dynamic threesome behind the plethora of anthemic dance hits that have been streamed nearly 2 billion times on the Spotify platform alone. Major Behavior consists of Internet personality/ DJ/ plus sized model The Fat Jewish, and DJ/ incredible human Maachew Bentley, and is poised to capture the hearts and imaginations of Major Lazer fans around the world!

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