glaive is a vocalist, songwriter and producer based in the mountains of North Carolina who began making music at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, releasing his first song on Soundcloud in April and attracting an audience with tracks like "astrid" and "arsenic" this summer. Quickly distinguishing himself with a sound equally inspired by pop punk, emo and EDM, glaive's handful of releases to date have landed him completely independently on the cover of Spotify's hyperpop playlist. He recently shared a video for his song "touché" -- check it out HERE.

Pigeons & Planes, in naming glaive one of the Best New Artists of July, said: "The stuff he's making now feels very of-the-moment and while it's a far cry from traditional radio pop and Hot 100 charts, it's not hard to imagine these sounds becoming more prevalent in the mainstream in the coming years."

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