"GHUM gloss over dark pop with ghostly grunge" - The Line of Best Fit

"Immediately astonish with their electrifying brand of post-punk, but with a bitter and biting edge. The best goth pop that never was but could still be. Band of the night for me" - The Vapour Trail

"Morphing atmospheric pop through a smokey veil of haunting new wave guitar" - Hard of Hearing Music

"Playing Indietracks this summer, the band's poised, intense set caught the imagination of everyone on site...A taut, wiry performance, 'I'm The Storm' matches their post-punk squall to a gothic sheen" - Clash Magazine

"Ghum's sweeping dark-pop proves they're a band who deserve to be heard" - Get in her Ears

"This super slice of moody noise pop encapsulates all of the phases of love from obsession and infatuation to giddiness to a fevered masochism"- God is in the TV

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