Damon “DāM-FunK” Riddick is the epitome of funk. Ever since debuting with Stones Throw in 2008, DāM-FunK has become one of the genres most passionate proselytizers, out to save it from devilish depictions of cartoonish caricature. To DāM, funk is a way of living, “...a feeling of struggle and staying cool through it all.”

Architecture II is the new EP by DāM-FunK released digitally on his boutique record label Glydezone on August 3rd, and a limited run of 500 vinyl copies on August 24th via SAFT18. The lead single ‘In The City’ is released on July 27th, and will be available as an instant grat on Apple and Amazon pre-orders of the EP.

The EP follows up 2017’s first installment Architecture, and is a carefully crafted body of work. Never to shy away from the funk, DāM-FunK’s unique sound is present throughout, and in four tracks the EP builds from melodic grooves to darker atmospheric undertones, classic house and disco influences.

DāM-FunK continues to be a driving force within the ever-evolving funk genre. Developing his eclectic style of futuristic sounds throughout the years, in 2006, DāM and a few friends launched the popular Funkmosphere dance party in L.A., bringing a resurgence of carefree boogie back into the city.

It wasn’t until after a brief apprenticeship under S.O.L.A.R. producer Leon Sylvers III and various other musical forays around the city that he caught the attention of L.A.-based record label Stones Throw Records in 2007 and made his music debut in 2008.

Since then, DāM’s partnership with Stones Throw has now included everything from his 2009 debut LP Toeachizown, and 2015’s Invite the Light, as well as an anthology of early productions, Adolescent Funk (2010), to 2013’s Higher with Steve Arrington, and 7 Days of Funk with Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg.

Moving his indelible, pulsating sound to a wider audience online, his current endeavor includes his own monthly DJ showcase on Red Bull Radio titled Glydezone that’s a ‘mythical space for modern funk, boogie, aor, soul, house and beyond’. His musical stylings can also be heard on recent collaborations with Christine and The Queens and remixes for Cut Copy, as well as The Avalanches, making this man more in demand than ever.

"...he's living proof that if you can't find the music you want to hear, then you should make it yourself” - Resident Advisor

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