LA native and triple threat (rapper, producer and songwriter) D Savage quietly crawled from an underground phenomenon to the brink of mainstream disruption within the span of 2 years, igniting a cult-like following in the process. Taking off instantly on Soundcloud with every upload receiving nothing less than a million plays, his 2017 banger “I Know II” generated over 16 million streams in under six months, while his very first song “30 Round Clip” cracked 7.8 million and counting. 

At just 14-years-old, D Savage started cooking up beats on his cell phone. Then at 17, he happened to record a song in his friend’s garage which turned out to be his breakout record, “30 Round Clip”. This record alone blasted him off to internet stardom, garnering the attention of music industry executive Steven Victor.

After a bidding war, he chose to sign with Victor Victor Worldwide, recalling previous conversations and advice from the label’s founder. Inking the major label deal, he unleashed the dark and devilish single “I Don’t See A Thing” with 16YROLD, receiving praise from Complex, XXL and more.

The marvelous mania defined his 2018 debut mixtape, D Phoenix. Named after his best friend Jack Phoenix who tragically passed away in a hit-and-run accident, the project sees D Savage bleed like never before.

Now signed to Victor Victor and Caroline Music by industry leader Steven Victor, he will undoubtedly turn heads with every bar throughout 2018 and beyond!

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