Chase Wright is doing more than make his childhood dreams come true: He's introducing himself as a bold new Nashville artist with a freewheeling approach to genre, firm footing in relatable storytelling, and soft spot for big choruses. Respect for country music's way around a story without feeling beholden to it defines the Indiana native's energetic songs, which rely on electric loops and pop-rock chords alongside more traditional sounds made from steel strings and wood. It's a confident blend that belies the fact that 23-year-old Chase first picked up a guitar only four years ago as a freshman track star at DePauw University. After graduating with a degree in economics, Chase packed his bags for Nashville, where he earned a publishing deal with Toby & Molly Music and was thrown into songwriting's deep end.

Written with Matt Jenkins and Josh Jenkins, debut single "My Kinda Morning" pairs sweet with sultry over moody pop-rock beats. "If there's one word to summarize how I'm feeling, it's 'proud,'" Chase says. "Proud of this journey, proud of the friendships I've made along the way and proud of the music we're creating together."

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