ARK is a new artist whose vocal is filled with emotive and ethereal tones. With songs inspired by love, heartache, and time spent in the grey haze of London, ARK writes with honesty, and she isn't afraid to make public what is most personal. The shadowy musical backdrop to her songs provide the perfect setting for her world-weary sigh and powerful falsetto which delivers her rich melodies.

Originally from Hampshire, where she grew up surrounded by a diverse range of music, it was at the age of 15 when she discovered Joni Mitchell's "Blue" that she began writing songs, and hasn't stopped since. ARK's childhood was spent singing and harmonising Motown covers at home with her sisters, attending world music festivals and learning piano from a local eccentric. Her live performance is nothing short of captivating and majestic; a melancholic and immaculate expression of being human.

Responsible Agents Jess Kinn
Nick Matthews

Territories Worldwide except North America