Five reasons to fall in love with Alma: mad style, sassy attitude, innovative lyrics, cutting-edge hooks and a voice you simply won't forget. Alma is truly special -- the polar opposite of a plastic pop princess. She's an edgy, shameless singer-songwriter, who aims for authenticity in everything she does. Her urban tunes are filled with interesting contrasts: they are sharp, yet vulnerable and approachable, yet cool. She's not afraid to mix classic pop with rap elements, old soul music and urban beats. Music has been Alma's sanctuary and source of self-confidence throughout her life. Her lyrics revisit the difficult times she's been through, but remain hopeful. Although she writes power anthems for herself, her texts are exceptionally easy to relate to. 20-year-old Alma sees her young age merely as an asset. She knows exactly what she's singing about. "Twentysomethings experience a lot of stuff for the first time. It's an era of extreme feelings." These intense feelings shine through on each of Alma's unique tracks. She's one in a million. Press play and get hooked.

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