Film & TV

Film and TV Talent
Paradigm's roots are in talent representation -- including actors, writers, directors and content creators across all genres. We support innovative and engaging storytelling that audiences want to see.

  • Specialists in bringing foreign TV formats to U.S. networks and signing emerging and established international talent
  • Recognized industry-wide for our ability to discover and develop young and emerging talent

Paradigm represents some of the most original and compelling film and television directors, whose unique creative visions have driven critical and commercial successes.

Youth and Emerging Talent
Paradigm is renowned for discovering and developing the careers of the most promising emerging artists. We build careers from the ground up, guiding young actors as they grow artistically and professionally and identifying financially and creatively rewarding opportunities across all media.

Paradigm's Crossover team provides opportunities in film, television and theatre across all platforms including global streaming services, cable, broadcast, and studio and independent theatrical films.